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Little-known habits of the most successful tinnitus patients

Science-backed approach to tinnitus relief that has helped many people reduce their symptoms to near-zero

How anyone seeking tinnitus relief can integrate these habits into their daily life

A biohack that may provide relief within 10 minutes

Success stories from real people who reduced their tinnitus and got their life back

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Hosted by: 

Ben Thompson, AuD

Founder of Treble Health. Has a tinnitus-focused YouTube channel with over 6 million views.

Garrett Thompson, AuD

Tinnitus and Hearing Health expert, with experience at a top private practice in New York City.  

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The audiologists from Treble Health were the first medical professionals that really understood what I was going through, and that it was a real problem... I feel like Treble Health literally gave me my life back. I was questioning ny entire future and what it would be like. Now, I don’t question that at all. 

Treble Health is a leader in tinnitus telehealth, comprised of a team of audiologists with decades of tinnitus experience. Our mission is to help people with tinnitus live full and happy lives. 

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A complete recovery from tinnitus is possible.  

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