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Treble Health enables ENTs, Audiologists, and other medical professionals  to offer advanced solutions for their patients with tinnitus or other sound sensitivity issues. When you refer a patient to Treble Health, your practice becomes part of a community that is restoring hope and delivering proven relief to a patient population that has historically been underserved.

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On this page, you’ll discover:

  • How Treble Health can help your patients with Tinnitus.
  • Does it work?
  • The benefits of referring your patients to Treble Health.
  • What professionals who work with Treble Health have to say.
  • How to get started and refer patients.

“When we refer to Treble, we spend less time counseling, which opens up our clinical time for revenue-generating services. It makes a big difference to know that these patients are in good hands.”

Eli Groppo, MD

Sacramento ENT

According to the American Tinnitus Association: 


More than 50 million people have tinnitus.


10-12 million people experience chronic tinnitus.


For 1-2 million people, tinnitus is debilitating.

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Why should I refer a patient to Treble Health?  Aren’t hearing aids and sound therapy enough? 

Tinnitus is not a disease, but rather a symptom of another underlying health issue. In a  similar manner, tinnitus does not typically occur on its own, but rather manifests with other comorbidities. Unfortunately for many patients with tinnitus, when they seek help from a health professional, they are told there is nothing that can be done about their tinnitus.  This creates frustration, discouragement, hopelessness and can lead to depression, anxiety and increased stress.  All of which make tinnitus worse.  

In cases of patients with hearing loss and tinnitus, a referral to an audiologist is typical and the patient is generally fit with hearing aids and possibly sound therapy is activated in the device.  If the patient’s tinnitus is slight to mild, they will typically benefit from hearing aids and sound therapy.  But, for patients who don’t have hearing loss or who have chronic, intrusive or debilitating tinnitus, more intervention is needed. 

Intrusive tinnitus can impact a patient’s

  • Sleep
  • Concentration
  • Mood
  • Anxiety and stress levels
  • Thought patterns
  • Sense of control
  • Ability to relax
  • Quality of life
  • Emotional well being
  • Ability to work and socialize 

Treble Health delivers a holistic approach to treatment, concentrating not only on habituating tinnitus but also treating the comorbidities associated with the tinnitus.  The ultimate goal is to give control back to patients by teaching them strategies to resolve their tinnitus and reduce its impact on other areas of life. 

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Does it work? 

We use the Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) as a baseline and outcome measure when working with patients with tinnitus. This index not only rates the severity of tinnitus but also provides insight into the areas of daily life negatively being affected by tinnitus.  This allows our team of tinnitus experts to customize treatment based on each individual’s specific needs.

Patient:  K.T.
reduced her TFI from
72.8 (“Catastrophic”)
to 6 (“Not a Problem”)
in 3.5 months

Patient:  J.M.
reduced her TFI from
62 (“Severe”)
to 8 (“Not a Problem”)
in 4 months

Case Studies & Testimonials: 

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Benefits for your Patients and Practice:

  • Improved patient care
  • Earlier intervention and improved access to care
  • Enhanced service offering - no need to turn patients away or to competition
  • Freed up chair time for higher revenue-producing activities
  • Market differentiation - selling services, not just hearing aids
  • Increased patient traffic with tinnitus advertising - 90% of those with tinnitus have hearing loss, but only 30% with hearing loss have tinnitus
  • Improved clinic reviews
  • Happy patients with higher quality of life
  • Continued care with patient through routine check ups and device maintenance 
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How can I start referring patients? 

Please provide your contact information and someone from our team will reach out to you with materials to get started, and answer any questions that you may have. 

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“The audiologists from Treble Health were the first healthcare professionals that really understood what I was going through, and that it was a real problem…I feel like Treble Health literally gave me my life back. I was questioning my entire future and what it would be like. Now, I don’t question that at all.”

Randy S. 

(verified patient)

“Access to audiologists who specialize in tinnitus has been an issue in the field for a long time and Treble Health is filling that gap. I can refer my patients to Treble Health and have confidence that they will receive comprehensive and compassionate care.” 

Melissa Beer, AuD

Private practice owner

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